VeritySource® software solutions are web-based, role-based, and can be used independently or all together. Solutions can interface with most hospital information systems or other software solutions. VeritySource® solutions include:

NSI Enroll

Integrated Eligibility Determination and Comprehensive Program Management

- Financial Assistance Programs

- Grant Programs

- County Indigent Healthcare Programs

NSI Follow-up

Most applicants don’t have all their proof documents or don’t complete all the applications or forms they need to complete during their first interview. VeritySource® software provides drivers, reminders, customized work queues, and other tools to optimize, manage, and measure follow-up efforts made to help those that are potentially eligible get enrolled.

NSI Apply

Far from the typical “knockout” screen used by most providers, the NSIApply solution in VeritySource® tells you which patients should apply for other coverage programs. Fast, accurate and comprehensive, millions of self-pay patients have been interviewed and assisted through this solution.

NSI Health

Many hospitals are now tasked with helping their self-pay patients connect to other community-based programs. VeritySource® can help hospitals, social service providers, and other community organizations make and track referrals to other community assistance providers to help the patient beyond healthcare.


Allow providers that make frequent referrals to your program to complete applications and file them to you electronically. Reduce inaccurate referrals. Reduce data entry.