VeritySource® web-based software, by NSI, offers the market’s most robust set of software tools for financial counselors and eligibility specialists. For non-profit hospitals with large or complicated financial assistance programs, VeritySource® offers consistent compliance with your policies across all patient interviews. Save time and improve accuracy by auto-filling forms and applications, using existing proof documents where applicable, and communicating in real-time across your enterprise. Customized follow-up workflows with robust productivity reporting optimize performance.

- VeritySource is trusted by many of the largest financial assistance programs in the country
- VeritySource determines eligibility by applying your rules and policies to each patient interview
- VeritySource reduces paperwork
- VeritySource identifies patients that should apply to Medicaid or other 3rd party programs before receiving financial assistance and tracks all applications individually



If your hospital outsources it’s inpatient Medicaid and/or Disability assistance to an eligibility vendor, VeritySource® can help you measure eligibility vendor performance. Instead of letting the vendor select which patients to assist, your staff can proactively screen self-pay patients and make referrals to your vendor. Or, your staff can choose to keep certain cases to work in-house.
Handle your entire inpatient application assistance inhouse? VeritySource® has a full suite of tools proven to help you manage and optimize your caseload.

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